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Social Connection

Social Connection Definition: Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Why is social connection likely the most important part of the toolkit? Listen here to learn.

The Benefits of
Social Connection

Social connection might be the single most important part of the toolkit.

From the perspective of evolutionary biology, we understand that human beings are wired to belong in order to ensure our survival as a species. We need each other to survive!

That wiring is strong in us, and when we feel isolated or that we don’t fit in, it can trigger a deep sense of survival threat, sometimes to the point of tricking us into thinking the only way out is to take our own life. Our nervous system feels the threat and seeks escape – and so it is essential that we help the triggered nervous system know there are ways to fight rather than flee.
We need help from our fellow humans.

So, reconnecting people and making sure kids know they have trusted peers and adults to connect to who care about them in their life is one of the most important practices we offer at The Sky Center.

 We need to know that we belong and that we matter. We are increasingly aware that cultivating an inner voice of caring and compassion towards ourselves can help us through the hard times as well, and the Toolkit offers ways to do both.

To learn more about why social connection is such an important part of the toolkit, please watch this short video.

A Library to Practice
Social Connection

For ways to cultivate the soothing found from Social Connection and resources for true Social Connection in community, please scroll through our Social Connection library.

Self-Compassion Practice Video

How do we find that feeling of social connection and being cared for even when we are alone? This mindful self-compassion guided practice is one way how. Click here to try this practice for yourself.

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