Toolkit for Wellbeing Training

Are the stressors of the world impacting you and your staff and/or students? Are you looking for ways to support your organization’s wellbeing and enhance the resiliency of your staff, clients, and/or students?

The Toolkit for Systemic Wellbeing Trainings do just this in the form of trauma-sensitive day-long workshops, curricula, and hour to two-hour staff and student trainings.

Program Description

The Sky Center of the New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project (NMSIP) offers a framework described as its Toolkit for Wellbeing developed from research detailing the risk and protective factors for youth suicide. The objective of this program is to enhance resiliency by providing facilitation, consultation, and leadership around practices that serve to create systemic wellbeing.

We recognize the importance of context and social identity, and that in order to truly make an impact, we must aid in the creation of resilient spaces and systems rather than leave the responsibility of sustainability and healing on the individual to create it for oneself.

We offer wide access to this specific program by bringing it into spaces and systems that previously have been excluded, as well as through sharing practice videos, interactive content, and on-demand webinars on our website. The framework itself offers six key strategies with related practices that have been shown to boost resilience: social connection, self-regulation, mindful awareness, hope, physiological wellbeing, and nature.

These offerings are implemented in collaboration with K-12 schools and centers of higher learning and healthcare from throughout the state of New Mexico as well as with community partners. We provide on-going facilitation of consultation circles for sustainability as well, as often as deemed fit by contracted organizations.

The Sky Center Toolkit for Wellbeing is available for one-time trainings sharing a research-based lens on these concepts and facilitation of practices. Included in the introductory workshop are suggestions on how to proceed as an organization to systemically sustain the Toolkit. We provide on-going facilitation of consultation circles as well, as often as deemed fit by contracted organizations.

Appreciated the connection between active hope and our connection to nature. The natural world is always accessible and resilient and always changing, adapting, cycling. These are our gifts as humans, too, and nature is our constant role model.


If you or someone you know needs help, call or text 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

You can also text HELP to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

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