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Your financial investment contributes to increased hope, resources, and solutions that reduce a young person’s risk of suicide and related issues.

Your gift helps us help others who have turned to The Sky Center at crucial life moments to manage inevitable stressors and rekindle their own inner light.

We rely entirely on grants, private resources, alliances with other organizations, and in-kind support so that both clients and staff can focus on the work at hand. Because of you, our programs are completely free of charge: reducing any barriers to accessing help when needed. Please join our circle of care by making your tax-deductible contribution today.

Dear Friend of The Sky Center,

Family life is complicated and becomes more so when family members are faced with mood issues, high conflict, and addiction. These challenges can create barriers to connection and understanding within families.


Earlier this year, clinicians at The Sky Center were concerned for the life and wellbeing of a young teen who had been rejected by his family when he shared that he was gay. We know that when youth are estranged from their family and are feeling that they must choose between their emerging identity and belonging to their family, their risk for suicide amplifies.  Fortunately, with the support of The Sky Center, he found safety and support with his grandmother after several months of family counseling with her. She was eventually able to say the really sticky stuff that keeps kids close: “I love you no matter what, and nothing you do could ever change that.” Our programs help youth and adults learn to heal and repair these natural ruptures to restore the sense of belonging and unconditional love we all need from family.


While our mission at The Sky Center is to reduce depression, anxiety, and the risk of youth suicide in our community, we do not  focus on despair. Instead, we cultivate hope, connection, and life skills so that young people can manage the challenges of today’s world. Our work helps youth and their families learn how to surf the rough waters of life, as the waves are inevitable.


We serve nearly 100 families per week with no-cost bilingual behavioral health counseling, filling a tremendous gap in care in  Northern New Mexico. We also work in partnership with hospitals to ensure vulnerable kids’ safety, teach essential workshops in the schools, and offer training and internships for current or rising clinicians. In the past year alone, we provided nearly 1500 children, teens and parents with 12,000 hours of service.


The Sky Center cultivates belonging, inner resilience, and courage during hard times. These qualities are the antidotes to suicide. We invite you to belong to our circle of care that makes our community’s youth stronger and less vulnerable to suicide by giving generously to this vital cause.


Donate today and contribute to families, children, and youth knowing that this is a community to which we ALL belong.


We are grateful for your support.

You can also make your donation by mailing a check to:

The Sky Center/ New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project

P.O. Box 6004

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502

Levels of Giving

  • $25 Prevention and Awareness Training for Students: Fund a presentation for one high school class of students
  • $75 Inner and Outer Life Skills Group: Fund the supplies for 8-10 weeks of school groups
  • $250 Toolkit for Wellbeing: Fund our latest initiative to help increase resiliency for our community
  • $500 Prevention and Awareness Training for Leaders: Fund a training for educators, student counselors, faith leaders and/or other key youth leaders
  • $600 Family Counseling: Fund 12 free family counseling sessions for a family in need
  • $1000 Graduate Training Program: Fund the training of 1 graduate student in a 9-month clinical training program working with vulnerable youth and families
  • $2500 Natural Helpers: Fund one public middle school for a two-day student retreat to develop leadership skills, anti-bullying strategies and increase kindness among peers

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project is a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). No goods or services were received in return for this gift.

We are committed to managing all contributions to The Sky Center/New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project  with the highest level of financial integrity and keeping you informed about how your resources are used.

If you or someone you know needs help, call or text 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

You can also text HELP to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

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