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Nature Definition: Nature is defined as the natural Earth and the things on it, or the essence of a person or thing.

We know spending time in nature lowers stress as an essential part of the toolkit. This video explains how connecting to our OWN nature, which we can remember any time, anywhere, can help us bounce back from adversity too.

The Benefits of
‘Remembering Inner Nature’

Spending time in nature reduces stress and is very healing for us physically.

There are even studies showing that trees release chemicals that reduce the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies but we often forget that humans actually ARE a part of nature too. The disconnection between mind and body mirrors, the disconnection between ourselves and our earth.

This part of the toolkit seeks to offer practices that repair this rupture, offering that not only spending time in nature is healing, but also to remember our true nature as part of the ecological systems we are embedded in heals.

Remembering this truth reminds us that we too are connected to everything that surrounds us.

Connecting with nature can combat the loneliness or disconnection we feel to the bigger picture and to a larger sense of meaning and purpose which is essential for wellbeing.

And we know that this is really important when it comes to answering that question of “what’s the point” that we can sometimes feel when we are depressed or in a tough spot. Just like nature, we have seasons, some harder than others, and it reminds us that it is our nature too to rise up again like spring after winter.

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