Graduate & Advanced Studies Training

Are you looking to receive the highest quality clinical training that incorporates live supervision, practice opportunities for resiliency, and robust direct clinical experience in a rigorous and caring environment?

Hours are offered towards your graduate school requirements or advanced licensure with the program running on an academic calendar starting in late August and running through mid-May. 

We meet the New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board and the New Mexico Social Work Licensing Board requirements for both practicum and internship. Graduate Interns are required to work a minimum of 16 hours offering direct and indirect service during the center’s weekly schedule. The Center is open from 4 to 8pm Monday through Thursday and Friday 2 to 6pm for family sessions. Hours of operation are 9am – 4pm throughout the week to accommodate the administrative responsibilities of both staff and students.

About this Training

The Sky Center is staffed by experienced supervisors who provide intensive training to graduate interns of social work and counseling as well as advanced training for practicing clinicians, physicians, and school counselors. This training program, unique in New Mexico, utilizes a team approach with one-way mirror direct observation and live supervision.

Training consists of:

  • Culturally competent approaches that recognize the differences and uniqueness of all families
  • Practical skill based interventions to help families address serious issues and experience change
  • The whole village concept that invites multigenerational, extended and blended families to protect a youth from risk
  • Mindful awareness strategies that build therapeutic presence and emotional resiliency skills necessary for letting go of client stories

Hundreds of graduate students have received training in family and group therapy at The Sky Center. Over 90% of these therapists stay in New Mexico and continue to serve local communities with their newly developed specialized skills and cultural competencies.

Steps to Apply to Graduate Studies Training Program

  1. Please submit a cover letter and resume through Google Forms
  2. Complete the internship application form found below on Google Forms and answer two questions from the application as completely as possible. 
  3. Please download reference letter template and have three references submit directly via mail or email to the contact information shown here.
Mail PO Box 6004 Santa Fe, NM 87502
For more information: Call (505) 473-6191

More information about our Graduate and Advanced Studies Training Program:

Submit Application for Graduate Studies Training Program Now

Submit digitally through Google Forms by clicking here: Application for Prospective Graduate Interns

Steps to Apply to Advanced Studies Training Program

If you are an interested post-graduate clinician, we offer a limited number of positions and hours for people who have already obtained a graduate degree in counseling, or related field, and are interested in family therapy training and collecting hours towards licensure.

If you meet this description and are interested in our Advanced Studies program, please submit a cover letter and resume. In your Advanced Studies cover letter, please include the number of post-graduate, supervised in-session hours you have obtained to date, what license you are working towards, plans for taking your licensing exam or if you have already passed your licensure exam and when.

Please submit digitally or via U.S. mail to one of the following addresses:  or The Sky Center, PO Box 6004, Santa Fe, NM, 87502

In your Advanced Studies cover letter, please include:

  • The number of post-graduate supervised in-session hours you have obtained to date
  • What license you are working towards
  • Plans for taking your licensing exam or if you have already passed your licensure exam and when

The Sky Center is by far the most organized and well-supervised training that I have experienced as a trainee or an intern. The ability to help clients in a therapeutic setting that fosters love and care that is both educational and professional has put me in a wonderful position to be hired as a professional therapist. I am both confident and more compassionate as an individual and as a therapist as a result of my time at The Sky Center.

Sky Alumn

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