Toolkit for Wellbeing:

Mindful Awareness

Definition of Mindful Awareness: Paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without needing it to be different – while being kind to ourselves in that moment.

We hear in the media about mindfulness being good for us all the time in so many different ways… why is it included in a mental health and wellbeing toolkit? This short video explains.

The Benefits of
Mindful Awareness

Mindful Awareness practices have received a lot of media buzz for a few decades now and with good reason.

The promising and growing body of scientific research behind practicing mindfulness shows health benefits that include:

  • Enhanced immune system function
  • Improved cardiac health
  • Significant help for individuals battling anxiety and depression

It’s this last piece that has Mindful Awareness included as a pivotal part of our toolkit.

A Simple Practice

If we can help our minds tune into this moment through Mindfulness practice, evidence strongly suggests that we may feel more empowered in the present, the only moment we have any control over.

This simple practice can prevent our minds from wandering into unhelpful scenarios that only exist in our imagination, both past (associated with depression) and future (associated with anxiety).

The Mindful Awareness
Video Library

For practice opportunities and resources, please scroll through our Mindful Awareness library.

Mindful Awareness Practice

What is mindfulness, anyway, and why bother learning how to do it? Click here for a super simple definition that helps explain why being able to keep our attention in the present moment helps us prevent and recover from suffering.

Anchor Meditation Practice

Anchor holding a balloon

We are often asked to pay attention without being taught HOW – this brief guided meditation practice – called Anchor Practice – teaches you how to do this in a really simple way, right here, right now. You’ll likely feel calmer after doing it too!

Introduction to Qi Gong*

Introduction to Qi Gong

This qigong sequences are designed by Steven Washington to help focus and energize you. This is a short introduction to Qigong and should be watched before you get into the additional sequences below.

Youth Qigong Practice (LONG) Intro & Sequence*

Youth qigong power practice

This qigong sequence was designed by Steven Washington to help focus and energize you. Maybe you are tired, or getting over a cold, or just have too much on your mind — yet, you still need to get different things done in your day. This qigong sequence will help you create the focus and energy you will need.

Youth Qigong Power Practice (Movement Only LONG)

Youth Qigong Power Practice (LONG) MOVEMENT ONLY

This is an 18 minute sequence to center and focus your heart and mind.

Youth Qigong Power Practice
(SHORT version)

Youth Qigong Power Practice SHORT

Qigong is a peaceful and deliberate practice that does not require you to go “faster.” Many people prefer to stay with this sequence at this lovely slower pace.Whether you are about to walk on stage or take an exam, this Qigong sequence is designed especially to focus and energize you.

Watch Video about How to Manage Fear and Uncertainty

How to manage fear and uncertainty

In this short video, Steven will guide us through a breathing practice, two acupressure holds and two QiGong movement sequences. Try them all and know that they are now part of your self-care toolbox.

*These practices were donated for use by The Sky Center from Wisdom Transcends, Inc.

The Sky Center

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